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NeoAlarm is an easy to use alarm clock with settings for using MP3/itunes or built in Alarm Sounds. You can type yourself a message to remind you why you set the alarm and more.

What’s New in this Version

Universal Binary
Improved UI with larger Time Font
Simplified Alarm Status indicator
New Message Entry Window
New Help File Access
Bug Fixes for Leopard
MP3 Playback Bug Fixes


Universal Binary
Use an MP3 as an Alarm Sound
Play a random iTunes track at alarm time
Use the Macs built in Speech at alarm time
Several built-in Alarm sounds
Enter a message to display at alarm time
Snooze function
Optional 24 hour alarm setting format
Persistent alarm feature


Main Window Time Tab:

NeoAlarm Main Window

Alarm Setting Tab:

Alarm Setting Tab


Alarm Options

Alarm Notice:

Alarm Notice


Mac OS X 10.4 or later
PowerPC or Intel processor
450 Mhz G3 or faster for PowerPC